Street Style: Springtime in NYC

During my first winter in NYC, my more seasoned city friends kept me going with the promise of Spring. "We only have six months of this...but there's nothing better than the first day of Spring in NYC," they said. There was talk of cherry blossoms and sunshine and people emerging from hibernation. But, as I shivered near my whistling radiator wearing two pairs of wool socks, it all sounded too good to be true. 

And last year, it was. Winter slipped quickly into Summer and due to a few inconveniently planned trips, I somehow missed the boat. I was convinced Spring only lasted a week and simply brought one thing to the table: seasonal allergies.

But then, last Saturday happened. It was The Day everyone had been telling me about. And I've got to a world in where Expectations and Reality so rarely converge, this somehow lived up to all the hype. 

The streets and parks flooded with more people than I've seen since last October—further confirming the theory that half of all New Yorkers do indeed go into a Chinese take-out/Netflix hibernation from November-March each year. My boyfriend and I spent the day picnicking (#sweetgreen) and rebalancing our Vitamin D levels in Washington Square Park for hours on end. 

TLDR: It was glorious. So much so that I just used the word "glorious" un-ironically. And considering the official first day of Spring was mid-blizzard this year, I think it was The Day we all needed.

Now in regards to my outfit, I call this one City Girl does "Spring". With a general M.O. of all-black everything, I'm still figuring out how to appropriately dress for springtime in NYC as my days of sporting floral frocks are few and far between. I've had this trusty lace top from Anthro for over 6 years (embarrassing proof) and it's seen me through many evolutions of style. In this latest phase, it's been perfect piece to soften the edge of my often monochrome ensembles.

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket - Madewell // Lace Top - Anthropologie (similar) // Cotton Pants - Everlane (similar) // Sneakers - Saucony (similar) // Leather Backpack - Madewell // Sunglasses - Illesteva

P.S. Can we just take a second to acknowledge this little blossom twig? I saw it walking down the street on Saturday and it felt like the perfect representation of life right now (AKA desperately holding onto the possibilities of post-Winter life).

And with that...Happy Spring!


Outfit Photo Credit: Bilal Zaidi