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Meet A New GirL



About the Series

"Meet A New Girl" is an interview series featuring real women, making a life for themselves in New York City. Fumbling through uncharted territory, carving your own path, and trying to make a home in this city of 8 million is no easy feat.

Before I moved from LA to NYC, all I wanted to know was how other people did it and what their new lives in the city looked like. At the time, the idea of uprooting my life and moving 3,000 miles away seemed impossible. And yet I—like every other once-new New Yorker—somehow made it work.

My hope is for this series to inspire anyone else out there dreaming of moving to this magical city to just...take the leap. 



Meet A New Girl: GINA




Know A New Girl?

If you or someone you know would like to share their story, please send me a note below!