About Me

Photo by    Hanna Yowell    for Novella

Photo by Hanna Yowell for Novella

Hi, I'm Melina.

After living in Los Angeles for most of my adult life, I threw caution to the wind and moved across the country to start a new adventure in NYC.

5th Floor Walk-Up is a place to share the creative inspiration I've found in my new home—a cozy West Village studio in a not-so-cozy, yet magical city.

It's a new girl's guide to NYC. A blog for anyone who has ever fumbled through uncharted territory, trying to make a home somewhere new.

A little more about me: I run my own social media advertising consultancy—Cornerlight Digital—by day, and fuel my passion for writing + photography with this site on nights, weekends, and the occasional Thursday afternoon when my clients aren’t emailing me.

Thanks for following along!


P.S. if you're curious what I was up to circa 2011-2015, here's an old friend of mine.