Apartment Style: Featured in Refinery29's "Sweet Digs"


Last month, I squeezed three friendly members of Refinery29's video production crew into my tiny 5th floor walk-up. Although I quickly realized I cannot comfortably fit four people in my space, we had a fun day filming in my apartment. I gave them the inside scoop on how I found my place, how I've made it feel like home since moving to NYC, and how I secretly store clothes in my small space (Note: this "hack" did not actually make the cut, but involves a large blue IKEA bag stuffed under my bed...)

Watch the video below to see my full interview, complete with apartment acrobatics—when Refinery29 tells you to stop, drop, and roll across your bed, you listen—and questionable claims of $0.25 avocados in LA (they exist somewhere, I swear!) 

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