Travel Guide: Nashville's Fashion HQ


With only a day to explore Nashville, I knew I wanted to visit the famous Manuel Couture fashion house. He's a household name in the Western fashion industry, responsible for making Johnny Cash the "man in black" and for designing Elvis' gold lamé suit.

I stopped by his corner showroom in downtown Nashville and was greeted with bursts of color, rhinestones and embroidery for days. And in true Southern hospitality, one of his senior tailors even gave me a behind-the-scenes peek at their production and design area.

I don't know if I could pull off anything (although, I could kind of see myself wearing one of their colorful blazers out in NYC) but it was really cool to see where everything was made. The photo above is of their resident embroiderer, who produces everything on-site!

I even learned how to make rhinestone buttons, which is a skill I will both cherish forever and never use again.