Apartment Style: Wall Art


Growing up in California (aka Earthquake Capital, USA), the one golden rule of decorating was to never put anything heavy on the walls above your bed. I'm not a huge fan of unframed photos or posters, so I struggled through years of hating my bare bedroom walls until finally accepting defeat.

Despite NYC being a much less earthquake-prone city, my "earthquake safe" mentality has followed me from California. And so, my bedroom walls remained empty since moving into my walk-up. That is, until I discovered this chic newsprint from Parabo Press. Light as a feather, it's a perfect alternative to a poster, and enough to make any Californian with a suppressed love for bedroom wall art, very very happy. 

If you saw my apartment tour, you'll know that I've decorated most of my walls with my own photography. It's been a cost-efficient alternative to "art" and a way of making my home decor feel more personal. So after discovering this newsprint, I decided to add one of my favorite shots from Colombia to my wall art collection....proudly hanging it above my bed and feeling like a major decor rebel.

Special thanks to Parabo Press for bringing my favorite Colombia trip Instagram to life. They're giving all 5th Floor Walk-Up readers a free Newsprint ($20 value) if you cover the shipping. Choose your own photo to print, and use code FIFTH at checkout!