Travel Guide: Nashville Travel Diary


Last week, I flew to Nashville for my office's annual all-company meeting. Although most of my time was spent in work-mode, I was able to sneak in an afternoon of exploring with my DSLR in hand. From my limited time in town, I concluded the following:

  • It didn't get the name Music City for nothing. Every bar I walked into had some type of live music playing at all hours of the day. I even happened upon a mini concert in the back of a clothing boutique, complete with full stage lighting and all. 

  • You need a car to get around (but luckily, the Uber drivers are especially friendly). Everything is very sprawling and not much connects the different neighborhoods to one another. In this respect, it reminded me a lot of LA. There are a ton of cool spots popping up around the city, but most of these are destinations in and of themselves. Think: cozy bars hidden in the middle of suburban neighborhoods.

  • Nashville's cafe culture is on point. But, seriously, NYC could take a couple cues from them. In less than 8 hours I ended up at two different Barista Parlors and both were an interior designer's dream.

This final photo is the gem of my trip. Every time I look at it I discover something new. The front guy has a comb—a comb!—in one hand, and rhinestoned cowboy hat in the other. You can't make that stuff up.

Until next time, Nashville.