Apartment Style: When Apartment Therapy Paints Your Bedroom Pink


I recently partnered with Apartment Therapy and BEHR Paint on a fun home improvement project. The concept centered around showcasing how "neutral" paint colors can spruce up a space. In all the apartments I've lived in over the years, I've actually never painted my walls so I was excited by the idea of making my space feel new again with a fresh coat of paint. Note: You can only get so creative with re-arranging furniture in 300 sq. feet, so a new room color was a good way to keep my feng shui experimentation at bay.

I went in with an open mind, with one specific request: please don't paint my room pink. But, when the Apartment Therapy came back to me with a "Seaside Villa" shell color (guys, aren't paint color names the best!?) I was intrigued and decided to take the leap.

On paint day, I've got to admit I had a bit of a panic attack when I saw the new paint on my walls. The paint chip color had deceived me (as they always do) and I did in fact have a pink bedroom. But once the paint set in overnight, it became a much softer, neutral color and began to grow on me.

A few months in, and I'm loving the new hue. The color has also inspired me to re-arrange some of my decor, showcasing more of my gold and lavender pieces to compliment the neutral pink. I've embraced the decor update and am excited to find new ways to continue updating my little 5th floor walk-up.

Thanks again to the Apartment Therapy + BEHR team for the mini apartment makeover! 

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