City Guide: The Wing, A NYC Girl's Oasis


I've become that person. The one who unapologetically refers to anything from October-December as "Q4", even in non-work settings. I'm not sure how it happened, but it was somewhere in between pivot tables and mumbling about "launching Pinterest" in my sleep (True story. Boyfriend has recorded audio as proof.) that I begrudgingly became part of NYC's corporate workforce. 

So, in all the madness that is living/working in the city, I realized I need to chill. I wanted a place to explore interests that do not include CSV exports or late night campaign fire drills. A space to become the person I know deep down I'm meant to be (Note: still trying to iron out the details on that one).

Enter, The Wing.

A city girl's oasis (and *cough* interior designer's dream) in the middle of Manhattan. A women's only club filled with leaders, creators, entrepreneurs—all the kinds of people I want to get to know and learn from. The types of women who, more likely than not, take risks and navigate uncharted career paths that don't necessarily follow the classic 9-5 mold. That said, The Wing is both a women's co-working and community space, so it still works for those with a more traditional office job (like me) looking for meaning outside of work. 


It all started last December when a friend and mentor of mine gifted me the Winter Issue of Domino magazine, featuring a handful of founding Wing Women on the cover.

And let me tell you...there have only been a few things in my life that I've felt as strong a draw to as I did The Wing after reading the article twice through.

  1. Joining my high school's color guard team. Yeah, I spun rifles for fun.

  2. Going to UCLA.

  3. Starting blogs one and two.

  4. Moving to NYC.

And so, in an effort to become the person I'm trying to be...I (5.) joined The Wing last month. And ever since, I've been spending my free time frequenting the two Manhattan locations, using the space to focus more on my creative + entrepreneurial ventures. 

This past weekend, I tested out a new lens for my DSLR and headed to the SoHo location to work on my interior photography. See below photo tour of my home away from home!

If you got major design envy from these photos/want to learn more, visit The Wing's website here.

From NYC, with ❤️